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Publisher’s Guides to Understanding
Media Buyers and Media Sellers
Get up-to-date insights from the Study of Media Planning, Buying & Selling conducted by Kantar Media and James G. Elliott Co.

"Sell Them the Way They Want to be Sold"

Generations of salespeople have heard this, but it seems to be harder to do than to say. According to recent research from Kantar Media and the James G. Elliott Co., there is a real disconnect between what media buyers want and what sellers do.

This is the third Study of Media Planning and Buying, offering specific data on how planners and buyers work and what they expect since 2013. 

This “2016 Publisher’s Guide to Understanding Media Buyers” offers specific data on how these agency professionals work and what they expect.

Now the study is even more useful. For the first time, we are now releasing a companion piece: The Publisher’s Guide to Understanding Today’s Media Sellers. This additional research will help you identify some of the mismatches between the wishes of buyers and the actions of sellers.